A Novel

By J. Lightfield

Ever since the Isabella Stewart Museum was robbed, the stolen artwork has remained hidden, the culprits have likely died off and the probability that the art may one day be recovered is practically zero. But what if an enterprising Art Crime Squad investigator came up with a way to lure the last of the gang out of obscurity to recover the art? And that the ever-trendy world of AI led the way? That is the big idea behind a classic mystery story. Set in the rapidly gentrifying coastal Connecticut fictional town of Bayport, the secrets of how it was done is unearthed. Gentrification, aging and how technology changes everything is the throughline that brings all the characters together. 

The story follows Special Agent Nikki Armstead in a mystery that unravels the mobster ties that bind the Isabella Gardner Museum thefts to small-time crooks in Connecticut. 

Plucked from Los Angeles in the midst of solving a crypto money laundering case involving clever forgeries, Nikki lands in the middle of a recovery operation of the Rembrandt’s Christ of the Sea of Galilee stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990.

She’s an unlikely field agent. Her background as the daughter of a pair of archaeologists didn’t result in an interest in the arts. Instead Nikki forged her career as a cyber security analyst for homeland security before focusing on forensic accounting. 

The mystery deepens when key suspects of an older art heist at Eastwood Mint all mysteriously die. It is up to Nikki to unravel the small-town secrets that link the Eastwood Mint and the Gardner Museum heist before the artwork disappears again.

I am looking for representation while I work on editing the next two manuscripts. 


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